The Gazania Modern Motion Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrests is a beautifully designed modern leather couch that features a unique transforming furniture just for you. The plush cushions provide comfortable seating for when you are relaxing. Handcrafted using high-density foam for total relaxation, this mid-century modern furniture piece is an ideal choice for any modern home. Personalized furniture made by you, for you. Introducing MoFit Home and our Modern Motion Furniture Collection.

This minimalistic furniture piece is designed to complement any mid-century modern home. Make this piece your own through personalization. Add on more seating to increase the amount of configurations for this customizable couch. Choose your own personal favorite and cool color combinations to make your contemporary living room furniture piece match you and your home. Our handmade furniture also doubles as dog friendly couches for when you want to cuddle up together. Suitable as contemporary furniture.

The best modular sectional. We pride ourselves on making this high quality furniture just for you. This adjustable headrest sectional is also considered to be a bumper chaise sectional due to having an eye-catching bumper chaise feature. Sink into softness with this one of a kind modern motion sectional. This sofa with bumper chaise comes with plush and oversized cushions for roomy lounging. Configure this unique furniture piece into a variety of combinations, the possibilities are endless. Build your own sectional couch. A one of a kind modular sofa.

This modern living room furniture features a modular sectional that is easy to configure. The pulled-back double cushioned backrest is both functional and sophisticated in design. The adjustable headrests allow for convenience when relaxing. Crafted in a modern design, make your own personalized sectional. This mid century modern living room furniture is pet friendly and suitable for any contemporary house design.

This unique sectional sofa makes relaxing comfortable. Made both stylish and functional, the handcrafted pattern along the edges of the seating presents a clean and pristine overview. This modern sectional sofa is the perfect accent piece for any living room, entertainment room, bedroom, or loft. Available in a range of material and color options.

MoFit Home focuses on eco-friendly furniture that is both personalizable and customizable. Our goal is to bring our customers beautifully crafted sustainable furniture. MoFit Home also places an emphasis on making our furniture the best chair for long hours of sitting. A natural product from leather to fabric. From the biodegradable to grain Italian leather to the LiveSmart high performance fabrics. Sustainable leather meets sustainable fabric. Environmentally friendly and reduced waste/low waste, only the best for our valued customers. Environmentally Friendly Furniture. Environmentally Friendly Material.